Advocate Leaders Values Statement

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA’s) Advocate Leaders program is dedicated to the health and wellness of the ovarian cancer patient community. Advocate Leaders are at the front lines of educating elected officials and policymakers about the needs of ovarian cancer patients, as well as the importance of funding for research, education, and awareness programs. The work of our Advocate Leaders reflects on OCRA as an organization and the ovarian cancer community. 

OCRA is a non-partisan organization that actively works with all parties, states, and communities, regardless of political affiliation. Participants of the Advocate Leaders Program come from across the nation and bring their diverse experiences with them. We think these experiences should be honored and appreciated as we do our work as patient advocates.  

There are some key values that we expect all Advocate Leaders to recognize and uphold as they work throughout their communities to carry forward our collective goal of increasing ovarian cancer awareness, expanding research on ovarian cancer, and improving survivorship for individuals diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

Key Values

Respect for All People. 
OCRA maintains professionalism and civility in all proceedings. As the only national ovarian cancer advocacy organization, OCRA interacts with a broad range of stakeholders including medical professionals, researchers, industry representatives, elected officials, as well as other like-minded advocacy organizations of all sizes at national and state levels. On Capitol Hill, OCRA is the leading voice for the ovarian cancer community and our Advocate Leaders are the drivers of our grassroots efforts. As such, OCRA expects that all stakeholders will be treated equally and with respect.  

All of our experiences with ovarian cancer are different and valuable. As we come together and share our stories, we recognize that before any of us were touched by ovarian cancer, we were people with different identities, backgrounds, thoughts, and contributions. It is incumbent on ALs to be sensitive and respectful of everyone’s varied lived experiences.

Foster a Culture of Inclusion. 
At OCRA, we do not tolerate or condone words or actions of discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry towards any person or group of individuals. OCRA does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation or military status, in any of its activities or operations.  Advocate Leaders represent communities all across the nation and should feel respected and supported in any OCRA-affiliated space. As participants in the program, Advocate Leaders agree to not act in ways that threaten any member of the community’s safety or undermine the lived experiences of others in relation to their identity and personal beliefs. 

Active Engagement and Participation. 
To get the most out of the program, we encourage every Advocate Leader to attend every call and participate. Advocacy is most effective when everyone is involved, shares the social media posts, and thinks of new ways to continue our efforts which works best if everyone stays properly informed and attends our regular meetings.   

Commitment to Equitable Outcomes for All Patients. Quality healthcare is fundamental to treating ovarian cancer patients and standard of care treatment is associated with improved survivorship. Unfortunately, not every patient has access to affordable standard of care treatment, and disparities resulting from geography, socioeconomic status, language barriers, and race all impact outcomes for members of our community. OCRA firmly believes that all individuals diagnosed with ovarian cancer across the country deserve treatment at meets or exceeds the standard-of-care—regardless of any other factor.  As patient advocates we work towards the ultimate goal that every ovarian cancer patient gets the best care possible.