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Dance-A-Thon for OCRFA

May 6, 2017 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT

Please join us for a fantastic adventure into the world of dance, celebrating life and sweating together to help find a cure for ovarian cancer!  On May 6, 2017 at 11:00 we are holding a 1 ½ hour dance-a-thon to raise funds and awareness of ovarian cancer.  With the support of Dance Tech Studios and their fabulous facility, as well as the partnership of Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (“OCRFA”) we all have an opportunity to make a difference.

This is no ordinary fundraiser because it offers a great experience for all attendees.  Dance enthusiasts can dance with some of the most amazing teachers in Utah that will lead the participants in WERQ, funk, and Zumba.  Attendees less inclined to dance can watch pre-professional dancers “battle” and perform. One person can make a difference, and an entire studio of dancers can help an organization that puts all its energy into finding a cure for ovarian cancer.  Together we can make an incredible team that will make an impact, lift spirits and help find a cure.

Location:  Dance Tech Studios, 786 Division Street, Park City, Utah 84098.  (435) 655-9213

To learn more about the studio check out their website: http://www.dancetechworld.com

To contact CJ, the event coordinator email:  dancemomcj5678@gmail.com  or call (435) 901-1948


Why a dance-a-thon?  When my best friend died from ovarian cancer I felt my mortality fully.  I decided from that day forward I would dance all I wanted.  I explained to my family that I was going to die someday and until I did I was going to dance whenever and where ever I wanted.  If there was a great song in the grocery store and I started dancing my kids explained to anyone watching, “It’s okay she is going to die someday, let her dance.”  My passion for dancing grew as I took a variety of dance classes – the more I danced the happier I felt.  Years later, still grieving for my friend, I decided to do something of value with my dancing and came up with the idea of the dance-a-thon in tribute to her memory and all the amazing moments I had with her before she died.

Tecia Stout was a dear friend to me for over 20 years.  A year before she turned 40 she went in for a routine hysterectomy.  Everything went normally, except the surgeon was not able to remove one ovary because it was stuck to her intestines.  As is customary, the surgeon sent the one ovary they removed in for analysis.  The results of the tests showed that the ovary had cancer.  The surgeon then went back in to remove the other ovary that was stuck to her intestines and took biopsies of the surrounding tissue.  That ovary was also full of cancer, but they determined she did not have colon cancer or any other form of cancer inside her.

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May 6, 2017
11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT


Dance Tech Studios
786 Division Street
Park City, UT 84098 United States
(435) 901-1948