Gail Baird Scholarship Program

OCRA is no longer accepting scholarship applications for the 2018 National Conference in Washington, DC.

The following applies to scholarships each year after the application period is re-opened:

The Ovarian Cancer National Conference Gail Baird Scholarship Program allows patients to learn about ovarian cancer and connect with others who share their experiences.

A limited number of scholarships for registration fees, hotel, and travel are available to survivors. Financial need is taken into consideration when awarding scholarships. Scholarships are accepted on a rolling basis, and will reopen next Spring for the 2019 National Conference.

Please review our Conference Frequently Asked Questions before applying. Please also consider whether or not you are healthy enough to attend. If you are concerned about your health and your ability to attend the conference, we encourage you to apply only when you are reasonably confident that you would be able to attend if offered a scholarship. In addition, if you want to apply but are concerned about your ability to attend the conference on your own, please let us know.

If you have any questions about the scholarship program please contact us at

The Gail Baird Scholarship Program is supported by a generous contribution from the Gail Baird Foundation.