No one should have to go through ovarian cancer alone. We are here to support you and connect you with others who have been in your shoes. We can introduce you to the friends and support that you need through our online community and through our Community Partners.

Our online community hosted by Inspire will connect you to more than 54,000 people who have been touched by ovarian cancer. You can meet other women who have walked down the path you’re starting on, and gain strength from their stories.

You may also find support in your local area through one of our Community Partner organizations. They can connect you with local services and may be able to offer guidance about providers or hospital systems in your area. Identify ovarian cancer groups in your region here.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Granulosa Cell Tumor (GCT) and would like to connect with other survivors of GCT, you may want to consider joining the GCT Survivor Sisters! page on Facebook. This is a “closed” group comprised of survivors only, with the exception of a few mothers of survivors of Juvenile GCT and provides a great support group of women who are going through the same diagnosis.

You can also learn more about our programs.

Connect with fellow survivors and caregivers through social media. Below are some links to get you started in OCRA’s social media community.