Apply for a Woman to Woman Grant

A Woman to Woman program grant recipient will receive a one-year grant of either $60,000 for a hospital based program or $30,000 for a community based organization. This grant opportunity is available to institutions with a large volume of gynecologic cancer patients and a need to provide this type of support service to patients. Grants are provided to cover the cost of a part-time Program Coordinator’s salary (can be a new hire, or a reassignment), program costs, and the patient fund (no indirect costs are allowed). It is expected that each Woman to Woman program will become self-funding after the first year.

Program Management

Woman to Woman is overseen by a trained, part-time Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator, who is often a social worker but may be a nurse, psychologist or other appropriate professional, is responsible for managing all aspects of the program, from volunteer recruitment, training and supervision, to patient recruitment, to fiscal and administrative oversight. The Program Coordinator matches survivor volunteers with demographically appropriate women undergoing treatment, and serves as a liaison between volunteer and patient. S/he interviews all women being treated and determines interest in and appropriateness of a referral to Woman to Woman. The Program Coordinator trains all volunteers before they see patients, and provides on-going education and support through monthly group meetings. Survivor Volunteer Mentoring Woman to Woman volunteers see patients in a variety of settings. They meet women immediately following diagnosis and provide emotional support and peer mentoring throughout the treatment process. They offer support by telephone, email, or one-on-one in the treatment centers.

Patient Fund

The program also requires hospitals to set up a patient fund, which provides modest financial assistance to women undergoing treatment and their families. The fund, which is overseen by the Program Coordinator, can provide temporary assistance with household bills, childcare, transportation, co-payments, and other expenses.

Program Materials

The Woman to Woman Program includes helpful, informative materials in a convenient kit. The Gynecologic Cancer Information Guide is a comprehensive booklet with the information and resources needed to help patients and their caregivers navigate through their diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Topics include knowing what to expect with different types of treatment, anticipating common side effects, addressing financial and legal challenges, and enlisting the help of family members and other caregivers. Inserts in the back pocket offer useful information and local and national resources, and the Important Contact Information section provides a convenient place for all your important contacts.

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