Resources for Caregivers and Families

Website Resources

Family Caregiver Alliance, an information clearinghouse for caregivers, offers a navigator to help find resources and services in your area and access to discussion groups:

National Family Caregivers Association offers support and resources for those caring for the seriously ill:

National Alliance for Caregiving provides support to family caregivers and increases awareness of issues facing family caregivers:

Family Caregiving 101 is a joint program of the National Family Caregivers Association and the National Alliance for Caregiving, designed to provide caregivers with the tools, skills, and information they need to protect their own physical and mental health while they provide care fora loved one:

Well Spouse Association is a support organization for partners of the chronically ill:

Book Resources

After Shock: What to Do When the Doctor Gives You — or Someone You Love — a Devastating Diagnosis, by Jessie Gruman, Ph.D. Walker & Company, 2007.

Caregiving: A Step by Step Resource for Caring for the Person with Cancer at Home, by Peter S. Houts and Julia A.Bucher. The American Cancer Society, 2000.