Insurance Resources
Triage Cancer and The SamFund have partnered on an online tool to help navigate financial resources after a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Insurance Checklist
The Cancer Insurance Checklist is an online tool you can use to compare different insurance plans in the federally funded Marketplace. (In English and Spanish)

Cobra: Department of Labor FAQ on your rights
Offers descriptions of cobra, your rights and options.

Compassionate Allowances for Ovarian Cancer: Disability Benefits Center
Describes the Social Security Administration (SSA) Compassionate Allowances program to help reduce some of the financial burdens that may accompany the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. is the website where you can research different insurance plans in your state to find the best fit for you and sign up during open enrollment or a Special Enrollment Period.

Provides overview of Medicaid program and eligibility requirements.

Provides overview of Medicare, eligibility requirement, and application.

Nutrition Assistance Programs
Describes SNAP, WIC, and other programs that supply access to food/nutrition.

Social Security Administration: Overview of Disability Programs
Offers description of each program including SSI, SSDI, and returning to work.

Social Security Disability Income
Women with ovarian cancer may qualify for social security disability income. Visit this website to learn more and apply.

SSI and SSD: Disability Benefits Center
Describes the eligibility criteria for supplemental security income and social security disability.