Air Charity Network
Free air flights to specialized medical care.

American Cancer Society Road to Recovery Program
Referral, link, or provide volunteer in your area to provide ride to treatment.

Angel Flight (Oklahoma) (US — West Coast) (US — Northeast) (Eastern US) (Central US) (US — Mid-Atlantic) (Southeast US) (South Central US)
Angel Flight facilitates free air transportation to those in need of medical treatment far from home. Volunteer pilots use their own aircraft and pay for all expenses of each mission they fly. Each Angel Flight program (over 60 nationwide) is independently operated and regionally based. Some specific program links are above.

AngelFlight Soars
Flights to treatment in southeast US.

Angel Wheels
Provides gas cards, train or bus transportation assistance to those traveling in excess of 50 miles to treatment but generally not exceeding 300 miles. Funds are limited.

Air Care Alliance
Offers a list of all nonprofit volunteer flying groups, whether they are members of the Air Care Alliance or not, in the interests of providing all possible help to patients, communities and others with needs.

Available in Amirillo,TX and Charlotte, NC areas, provides oncology patients transportation to and from treatment.

Corporate Angel Network
Help arranging free air transportation for cancer patients traveling to treatment using empty seats on corporate jets.

DAV: Veterans Benefit
Helps more than one million veterans every year connect with the health care, disability, employment, education, and financial benefits. Offers transportation assistance program.

Medicaid Non Emergent Transportation
Medicaid recipients may be eligible for Non emergent medical care transportation to treatment

National Patient Travel Center
The National Patient Travel Center provides information about all forms of charitable, long-distance medical transportation and provides referrals to all appropriate sources of help available in the national charitable medical transportation network.