Support For You

Need to talk? We’re here for you! Our oncology social worker is available to take your calls Monday – Friday, at (212) 268-1002.  

To find local support organizations and resources near you, search our Community Partners page.

Additional Resources

4th Angel Program
The 4th Angel Program pairs adults who have or are caring for someone with cancer with a trained volunteer to act as their mentor. Mentors are cancer survivors and caregivers who have had similar experiences.

A Fresh Chapter
A Fresh Chapter empowers men and women to step beyond the label of cancer patient, survivor or caregiver while giving back to communities at home and abroad. Offers 1-2 week volunteer experiences help participants see that struggle is universal and it’s possible to heal, connect, and serve others while reclaiming your life.

CancerCare provides a variety of support services for cancer patients and their caregivers.

CaringBridge is a non-profit where you can create a personalized web site to share updates with your friends and family. The site allows you to keep a journal to share updates, create a planner to coordinate help from your friends, post photos and find encouragement.

Cancer Hope Network
One on one mentor support available from diagnosis through survivorship.

Cancer Support Community
The Cancer Support Community is an international nonprofit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people affected by cancer.

Imerman’s Angels
Offers 1:1 mentor connections for patients, survivors, caregivers, and bereaved.

Inspire: Ovarian Cancer Online Community
Connect with thousands of ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers through our free online community hosted by Inspire. This OCRA sponsored online support group provides the opportunity to ask questions and seek support from those who have had similar diagnosis and experiences.

The LiveStrong Foundation provides a range of programs and resources for cancer survivors, including programs for navigating treatment, survivorship, fertility, and finances.
Offered by Cancer Support Community in partnership with OCRA, create a free website to communicate with family and friends about your cancer treatment, ask for assistance and more.

Nancy’s List
Nancy’s List was created by an ovarian cancer survivor. The extremely comprehensive site includes information links, book recommendations, essays, financial assistance resources, scholarship information, and academic advocacy links.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Provides advocacy to ensure quality cancer care. This site shares current healthcare policy issues that impact cancer care.

Ovarian Cancer Canada
This Canadian association is dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer, supporting women diagnosed with the disease, building awareness within both the public and healthcare industry, and funding research.

This support network in the United Kingdom provides information and support for everyone affected by ovarian cancer.

Sharsheret is a national not-for-profit organization supporting young Jewish women and their families facing breast and ovarian cancer. Sharsheret provides education, outreach, community action events, and 1:1 support. The Foundation has some helpful publications such as “Facing Ovarian Cancer as a Jewish Woman” and “From the Practical to the Spiritual.”

Smart Patients
An online community for patients and caregivers to communicate about their experiences with treatment, clinical trials and more.

Support Connection
Support Connection provides one-on-one counseling and other support services, all free of charge, to women dealing with ovarian cancer as well as their family and friends. The Peer Counselors on Support Connection’s staff are cancer survivors themselves. You can speak with a Peer Counselor via toll-free telephone at 800-532-4290, or reach out via email at this link.