New Therapeutic Approaches for Mucinous Ovarian Cancer

(February 13, 2019) Data from a study conducted by researchers at MD Anderson and Johns Hopkins suggest that an adjuvant gastrointestinal (GI)-based chemotherapy regimen is more beneficial than one that is gynecologic-based in patients with mucinous ovarian cancer. Because mucinous patients don’t typically do particularly well on regimens usually used to treat the more common high grade serous ovarian cancer, researchers have been working on exploring other approaches to better treat this subtype of patients.

The research team conducted a retrospective cohort study to determine whether the use of a GI-based regimen would be associated with a difference in survival compared with use of a gynecologic-based regimen in patients with mucinous ovarian cancer who received postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. The results, presented at the 2019 SGO Annual Winter Meeting, were promising. Read more here.

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