About Us

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OCRA is the leading organization in the world fighting ovarian cancer on all fronts while supporting patients and their families.

Our Mission: Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is dedicated to curing ovarian cancer while improving treatments by advancing innovative science, promoting preventive measures, and advocating for, educating and supporting anyone affected by gynecologic cancers to ensure the best possible care and outcomes.

OCRA is the world’s leading ovarian cancer organization.

Our Impact

OCRA is the leader in fighting ovarian cancer:  convening experts and stakeholders to facilitate progress; advocating for more federal funding while awarding grants to fill the gaps; and supporting ovarian cancer patients and their families, as well as any type of gynecologic cancer patient. 

  • Invested $122M in scientific breakthroughs
  • Helped secure $3.7B in federal research and education funding
  • Annually support 95K individuals through our programs

OCRA fulfills this mission by raising money — 81 cents of every dollar spent supports research and programs.

OCRA drives changes and ignites hope.

When it comes to curing ovarian cancer, only one organization has both a laser focus and a panoramic view.

Research: OCRA invests more funds into ovarian cancer research than any other public charity.

OCRA grantee Shariska Petersen, MD, University of Kansas Cancer Center

OCRA takes a chance on innovative projects, enabling young scientists to develop pilot data needed for larger government grants, attracting promising minds and new energy, and cementing a lifelong commitment to the field of ovarian cancer research. OCRA also supports mid-career scientists when they need it most, and invests in large grants for senior researchers to encourage collaboration among institutions.

Prevention: Until we find a cure, prevention is our greatest weapon.

Early in 2023, OCRA spearheaded the promotion of new recommendations in the fight against ovarian cancer. Turning decades of conventional wisdom on its head, OCRA acknowledged what the science has shown — current methods of early detection and symptom awareness do not save lives — and began recommending a new path for prevention. 

In a dramatic shift of focus, OCRA began a nationwide push for genetic testing of those at increased risk and consideration of a prophylactic surgery if having another related surgery even for those at average risk, to potentially prevent the deadly disease. 

OCRA’s Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill; Survivors Teaching Students in the classroom

Advocacy and Education: Advocacy and knowledge is the lifeblood of change. 

On the Hill: OCRA has built an army of dedicated advocates who stand united in support of the cause. OCRA tirelessly urges Congress to prioritize the fight against ovarian cancer and is the only ovarian cancer-dedicated voice on Capitol Hill continuously advocating for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal research funding and for related health policies that benefit patients and survivors.

In the Classroom: Education forms the bedrock of progress. OCRA’s groundbreaking program, Survivors Teaching Students®, transcends the boundaries of traditional education. Dedicated volunteers share their personal stories and shed light on the realities of ovarian cancer in the classrooms of rising healthcare professionals. By equipping these future doctors and nurses with firsthand knowledge, OCRA empowers them to make a difference in the lives of countless women. 

Support: In times of adversity, support becomes a beacon of hope.

Attendees at OCRA’s Ovarian Cancer National Conference

OCRA’s compassionate Patient Support oncology social work team is available to anyone touched by ovarian cancer, and any other gynecologic cancer, offering a comprehensive array of programs, including a wide range and type of virtual support groups. And OCRA’s transformative Woman to Woman peer-matching is available in 30+ hospitals nationally as well as virtually for anyone, anywhere that needs support. Understanding the power of companionship and the solace found in shared experiences, OCRA’s support services offer comfort, guidance, and healing to all those in need.

OCRA: Advancing research, promoting prevention, advocating for change, educating healthcare professionals, and providing unwavering support—making a difference in the fight against ovarian cancer for all those affected.