We have never been closer to curing ovarian cancer.

Researchers are making incredible strides in better understanding, preventing and treating ovarian cancer. The past 50 years have brought real reason for hope, as scientists in prestigious institutions across the world have worked tirelessly to build on our collective knowledge of this disease, blazing new trails forward and achieving better patient survival, improvements in standard of care, and more effective treatments.

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is the largest global charity funding ovarian cancer research. 

Since entering the field in the 1990s, OCRA has become a beacon for brilliant ovarian cancer researchers at all stages of their careers, providing vital funding for bold, innovative projects in a field where scientific research – though desperately needed – is sorely underfunded. As the largest non-government funder of ovarian cancer research in the world, OCRA provides  seed funding to promising investigators, and invests in cutting-edge projects led by top researchers. 

To date, OCRA has awarded 349 grants and invested $110 million in ovarian cancer research from top scientists at 79 leading medical centers, ensuring that science continues to break new ground on the path to a cure.

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