Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Be a Hero, Be the Voice

OCRA has invested $110 million in innovative ovarian cancer research — more than any other charity in the world. The good news is, the science is working: new treatments are saving lives, and the next breakthrough could be right around the corner.

But we still have much further to go. Despite extraordinary progress, ovarian cancer remains the number one cause of gynecologic cancer deaths. We must continue to drive research forward, and raise awareness of the risk factors and symptoms of this disease.

This September, we need you to step up and make a difference.  Everyone has something to give, and every action brings us closer to a world where no one needs to fear an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

be a hero ovarian cancer awareness month

Be a Hero

Whether you make a donation or rally your friends for a feel-good fundraiser, there’s nothing more heroic than stepping up for those who are counting on us.

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Be the Voice

Are you a passionate advocate for the cause? A social media superstar? Do you want to make sure all your friends and loved ones are aware of the risk factors and symptoms? We need you!

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