Events and Celebrity Supporters

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance remains grateful for the long-standing support of the entertainment and fashion industries. They have helped shine a light on this devastating disease and bring much-needed global attention to our efforts to fund research for better treatments and ultimately a cure.

These photos are just a snapshot of their participation at our fundraising events over the years—many have continued to support OCRA in their personal outreach. Thank you to each and every one for donating their time and talent to OCRA. Together we are making a difference.

Celebrity Support Ovarian Cancer

Video: We Need to Talk

Celebrity friends with close connections to ovarian cancer raised their voices in support of increased awareness and the need for a cure, in the star-studded video, “We Need to Talk.”

We don’t talk about ovarian cancer enough.

And it affects us all. That’s why we invited some close celebrity friends with personal connections to this devastating disease to talk about what ovarian cancer has meant to them–and why cures can’t come soon enough.

We’re grateful to them all, for using their platforms and voices to elevate the conversation around ovarian cancer. See their messages of hope and action below, and join us in the fight today.

Many thanks to our celebrity supporters, who have come out in full support of OCRA, and independently shared their reflections with us. In the video above, we’ve combined their voices into one collective message of hope.