Bob McGray, PhD

Dr. AJ Robert McGray is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Kunle Odunsi in the Center for Immunotherapy at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Dr. McGray received his B.Sc in Biological Sciences from the University of Guelph in 2003 and his M.Sc in BioMedical Sciences from the University of Guelph in 2008. He completed his PhD in Medical Sciences (Infection and Immunity) at McMaster University in 2012, where he studied cancer immunotherapy and the ability of tumors to adapt to immune attack, thus preventing durable anti-tumor immune responses following treatment. In 2012, Dr. McGray joined Dr. Kunle Odunsi’s Laboratory, where he has focused on developing strategies that combine immunotherapy and oncolytic virotherapy (OV) for the treatment of metastatic ovarian cancer. Through these studies, he has identified effective strategies of combining a prototypic cancer vaccine with OV in order to improve tumor growth control in a pre-clinical model of ovarian cancer. Based on these findings, Dr. McGray is now investigating how adoptive T cell transfer (ACT), a promising clinical approach for the treatment of advanced cancers, can be further improved through OV administration. Using preclinical mouse models of ovarian cancer, these studies will aim to identify effective treatment parameters by which to combine ACT/OV, with the goal of translating these findings to the clinic.