David Pepin, PhD

David Pepin was trained as a molecular and developmental biologist at the University of Ottawa, Canada, where he completed a Ph.D. elucidating the role of chromatin remodeling during ovarian development and in ovarian cancers. During his training he has also worked, in collaboration with industry, on pre-clinical testing of novel therapies for ovarian cancer. In 2011, Dr. Pepin joined the Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories as a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston to continue his training in ovarian cancer research. The laboratory of Dr. Donahoe is evaluating the use of a recombinant reproductive hormone, Mullerian Inhibiting Substance (MIS), as a potential therapy for ovarian cancer. Building on his expertise Dr. Pepin is doing pre-clinical testing of MIS as an adjuvant therapy and working on identifying patients who could benefit most from this treatment.