Mythreye Karthikeyan, PhD

Dr. Mythreye Karthikeyan is currently an Assistant Professor at University of South Carolina and was previously a Research Assistant Professor at Duke University’s Department of Medicine. Upon completion of a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from India she went on to receive her Ph.D from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in Dr. Kerry Bloom’s lab, investigating mechanisms of chromosome segregation and kinetochore function. She received postdoctoral training at Duke University with Dr. Gerard Blobe examining the role of the TGF-ß co-receptor TßRIII /Betaglycan in regulating cancer cell behavior. Under the joint mentorship of Dr. Andrew Berchuck and Dr. Blobe she focused her efforts on ovarian cancer identifying novel roles for the TGF-ß co-receptors TßRIII and Endoglin in cell migration, adhesion and regulation of integrin trafficking. In addition, in collaboration with Dr. Superfine’s group at UNC, Chapel Hill, she uncovered a novel link between mechanical properties of ovarian cancer cells and invasive behavior. Currently, her lab research is focused on investigating how normal and ovarian cancer cells respond to changes in mechanical and biochemical cues from the environment. She investigates how changes in the TGF-ß pathways act as a mechanism utilized by ovarian cancers to evade the same mechanical and chemical cues. In addition to her 2013 Liz Tilberis Award from OCRF, she was the recipient of a Career Development Award from the Department of Defense’s Ovarian Cancer research Program. Her long- range goal is to improve treatment strategies for gynecologic cancers.