Pradeep Chaluvally-Raghavan, PhD

Dr. Pradeep Chaluvally-Raghavan is an Instructor in the Department of Systems Biology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Chaluvally-Raghavan completed his Ph.D from the University of Calicut in India. During his graduate training, his research was focused on the roles of NF-kB transcription factor in melanoma metastasis. Soon after his Ph.D, Dr. Chaluvally-Raghavan started working in the lab of Dr. Yosef Yarden at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where he studied the role of EGFR family members in breast cancer. Later, he joined the lab of Dr. Gordon Mills as a postdoctoral fellow to study genomic aberrations in ovarian cancer. In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, Dr. Chaluvally-Raghavan has been promoted to the faculty position in the Department of Systems Biology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

During his research in the Department of Systems Biology, Dr. Chaluvally-Raghavan has received several honors and recognitions, including the Ann Schreiber Investigator Award from the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in 2013, Young Investigator Award from the American Association of Indian Scientists in Cancer Research in 2013, Scientific Scholar Award from the Marsha Rivkin Foundation in 2014, and three different Scholar In Training awards from the American Association of Cancer Research in the years of 2009, 2013 and 2015. Pradeep has published several papers during his training, including his publications in Cancer Cell and Oncogene. His current research is focusing on the oncogenic roles of non-coding genetic aberrations in ovarian cancer. Successful completion of his research will add new microRNAs to the list of oncomiRs that can serve as biomarkers to predict the outcome of the disease as well as novel therapeutic targets to treat ovarian cancer. Receiving the Liz-Tilberis career development award from the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, which funds the best and brightest ovarian cancer researchers in the country, Dr. Chaluvally-Raghavan is on his way to establish his independent research program in ovarian cancer research.