Research News

Stand Up to Cancer Update Webinar

OCRFA and Dr. Elizabeth Swisher spoke about the exciting progress being made by the Stand Up to Cancer Ovarian Cancer Dream Team! The SU2C Ovarian Cancer Dream Team, funded by OCRFA and NOCC, got to work on year ago. Dr… Read on

OCRFA Research Shows Drugs Help Anti-Tumor Immunity

(October 5, 2016) A team of researchers, including senior author and former OCRFA grantee Rugang Zhang, PhD, have been studying the relationship between PD-1 and PD-L1, a protein and an accompanying molecule, and t-cells, which are a body’s… Read on

Update on ROCA Test

On September 13th, Abcodia Incorporated, the makers of the ROCA Test, released this statement, following the safety guidance put out by the FDA last week… Read on

#30DaysofTeal: Day 5

Meet Researcher Kris Wood, PhD! Q&A with Kris Wood, PhD Duke University 2015 Liz Tilberis Award OCRFA: Tell me about yourself. Kris Wood: I grew up in Georgetown, KY, a rural town in the central part of the state… Read on