Sponsor a Scientist

One of the most prestigious and influential ways to support OCRA is by funding our scientific research initiatives.

The OCRA Partners in Science program allows you to provide direct support for the most promising and innovative research on new ways to prevent ovarian cancer, the development of better treatments, and other medical advances that will lead to a cure.

With a minimum contribution of $20,000, Partners in Science donors select specific OCRA-funded scientists to support based on criteria such as geographic location, specific institution, or area of study. Sponsored researchers are selected from projects reviewed and approved annually by OCRA’s esteemed Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The donor is given the opportunity to review grant information such as project summaries, abstracts, or full proposals in making their selection. Depending on the sponsored amount, multiple investigators may be selected, or a donor can co-sponsor a research project.

Learn about the OCRA grantees changing the future, one breakthrough at a time.

Meet our grantees

Once grantees have been selected for sponsorship, the donor and grantees are sent letters confirming the partnership and the donor’s support is acknowledged on the OCRA website (e.g., “This grant was made possible through the generous support of Mary and John Brown.”) Partners in Science grants can also be named in honor or in memory of a loved one.

OCRA encourages ongoing communications between the donor and researcher, and if feasible, will facilitate a tour of the grantee’s lab. Partners in Science donors receive copies and lay summaries of the grantee’s annual progress reports, as well as a copy of the final report (also with a lay summary). Copies of any publications generated by the grantee will also be included in these reports.

The Partners in Science program is open to individual donors, private family foundations, local, state or national organizations, community events, or a group of friends and/or relatives supporting research on behalf of a loved one. OCRA staff will work closely with the donor or group of donors to guide them through the selection process.

To learn more about becoming an OCRA Partner in Science, please contact Jon Zeidman at jzeidman@ocrahope.org or 212-268-1002.