Community Partners Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an OCRA Community Partner! To participate in the Community Partners initiative, please complete and submit the below application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You can learn more about the Community Partner program by reading the benefits and responsibilities.

For more information or if you have any questions about the process, please contact Nikki Wargo at

OCRA’s Community Partners Application

OCRA’s Community Partners (formerly called Partner Members) are outstanding grassroots, local and national organizations around the country who share a commitment to eradicate ovarian cancer through research, advocacy, support, education and awareness. OCRA is proud to work with our Community Partners in our fight against ovarian cancer.

The goal of our Community Partners initiative is to unite the ovarian cancer community into a national movement speaking with one voice through information sharing, strategic initiatives, and best practices.

OCRA’s Commitment to its Community Partners:

  • OCRA will include your organization on our website as a resource
  • OCRA will provide you with an OCRA Community Partner badge for your website
  • OCRA will promote your organization as a resource for local inquiries and referrals 
  • OCRA can provide resource and educational materials upon request
  • OCRA will periodically host Community Partners webinars on various topics of interest (e.g., fundraising, events, research) 
  • OCRA will keep Community Partners updated on research news, advocacy opportunities and other community issues with periodic e-newsletters
  • OCRA will review marketing or educational materials for scientific accuracy upon request
  • OCRA will offer useful tools for Community Partners, such as:
    • Advocacy resources (coalition building, working with Congress, organizing in your community)
    • Volunteer tips, including recruiting volunteers and board members
    • Fundraising strategies
    • Advice on working with the media (social, storytelling, op-ed, letters to the editor)
    • Operational issues (nonprofit status, fiscal sponsorship, incorporation)
    • Community Partner forum to share ideas and best practices
    • Customizable advocacy Action Alerts which can be used for both local and federal government
  • OCRA will offer Community Partners special Ovarian Cancer National Conference benefits:
    • Inclusion in the Conference’s Digital Resource Center
    • Receive a registration discount for your members
    • Identify your organization’s members as a Community Partner
  • OCRA will include your events on our website’s community calendar and provide your organization with OCRA-branded (or co-branded) educational materials, depending on quantity needed and availability

In exchange, OCRA asks that our Community Partners commit to:

  • Prominently displaying the OCRA Community Partners badge on your website and other materials or wherever your organization deems it to be most effective, and in accordance with the OCRA guidelines, including a link back to the OCRA website
  • Joining us in advancing our shared mission of advocating for and supporting scientific research to end ovarian and other gynecologic cancers, providing education about ovarian and other gynecologic cancers, and providing and advocating for supportive patient services
  • Disseminating scientifically accurate, evidence-based information about ovarian and other gynecologic cancers, as well as services to women and their families that are based on best practices (you are welcome to send us your current materials and staff or members of our Scientific Advisory Committee will review and provide feedback)
  • Offering OCRA’s patient support and advocacy programs to your constituents (as appropriate) to supplement local services you may offer.
  • Serving as local resources for referrals from OCRA
  • Sharing information about OCRA’s Ovarian Cancer National Conference with your constituents
  • Contacting OCRA with feedback, questions, comments and thoughts regarding improving the current state of ovarian cancer research, advocacy and education

As an OCRA Community Partner, your organization may wish to consider various OPPORTUNITIES to partner with OCRA directly:

  • Identify potential survivor mentors for our virtual Woman to Woman program
  • Help us establish a Survivors Teaching Students® program in your area
  • Become a Research Advocate or an Advocate Leader through your organization
  • Help us identify community members who might wish to become a Research Advocate or Advocate Leader
  • Participate in one of our national Advocacy Days
  • Host, participate and/or promote our local Ovarian Cycle rides which raise money for research and offer the opportunity to raise money for your organization
  • Consider funding an OCRA Community Partner research grant, either on your own or with other Community Partner organizations we match you with
  • Share your stories with us, and we might feature them in our Community Partners e-newsletter