Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are strictly regulated research studies that are used to test the effectiveness and safety of new treatments, diagnostics, and methods of prevention and screening. Every treatment available for patients today has gone through a rigorous scientific process, including a thorough clinical trial stage — yet only a small percentage of cancer patients participate in trials.

Many misconceptions exist about clinical trials, one being that a patient is only eligible to participate if all other treatment options have failed. This is not true — in fact, many clinical trials are available for patients at earlier periods in their experience with cancer. Participants will never receive just a placebo in a cancer clinical trial. All participants receive standard of care treatment, or the new treatment that is being tested.

OCRA offers a one-stop clinical trial finding service for patients with all types of gynecologic cancer in the U.S. and Canada. Search online, or connect with a person over the phone, to search all cancer trials available specific to your diagnosis, treatment history, and location, and receive notification when new studies open up that match your eligibility requirements.