Why Other Gynecologic Cancers?

At OCRA, our mission is to improve the lives of everyone touched by ovarian cancer and, ultimately, find a cure for the disease. And while we have grown and expanded our offerings over the years, we have not wavered from that singular goal. Nor will we.

But science is showing us that in order to solve the mysteries of ovarian cancer, we have to look beyond the ovaries.

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Ovarian Cancer From Beyond the Ovary

Tune in to this video presentation by Dr. David Huntsman, Professor at the University of British Columbia and the Canada Research Chair in Molecular and Genomic Pathology, for a thought-provoking exploration of what we can learn about ovarian cancer by expanding our knowledge of other gynecologic cancers.

Many experts in the field of ovarian cancer treatment and research agree that one of the biggest findings of the past decade has been the discovery that one of the most common (and lethal) forms of ovarian cancer actually originates in the fallopian tubes. This has opened up new opportunities for prevention, and is pointing scientists in what may be promising directions for early detection and screening.

As the world’s leader in the fight against ovarian cancer, we want to support these efforts. We will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit for new understandings, better treatments and ultimately a cure.