Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital

2018 Grant Recipients

2015 Grant Recipients

  • Wei Wei, PhD
    Mentored Investigator Grant
    Genomic Analysis to Predict Recurrence in Early Stage Ovarian Cancer
  • Cesar Castro, MD
    Early Career Investigator Grant
    Leveraging DNA-Barcoding for Integrated Profiling of Ovarian Cancer

2013 Grant Recipients

  • David Pepin, PhD
    Mentored Investigator Grant
    Mechanisms and Markers to Target a Stem Enriched Population of Primary Ovarian Cancer Ascites with the Müllerian Inhibiting Substance

2007 Grant Recipients

  • David MacLaughlin, PhD
    Individual Investigator Award
    Validation of a Human Ovarian Cancer Stem Cell Signature and its Use to Select Optimal Therapeutic Strategies for Ovarian Cancer Patients

2006 Grant Recipients

  • Bo Rueda, PhD
    Collaborative Research Development Grant
    Understanding the Key Molecular Pathways that Drive Ovarian Cancer

2005 Grant Recipients