Institution: University of Michigan

2019 Grant Recipients

2017 Grant Recipients

  • Ilana Chefetz, PhD
    Early Career Investigator Grant
    Drugs Inducing Necroptotic Cell Death As A New Strategy for High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

2014 Grant Recipients

  • Ilana Chefetz, PhD
    Mentored Investigator Grant
    A Role for ALDH in the Regulation of Necroptosis in Ovarian Cancer Area of research: Therapeutic Targeting
  • Mo Li, PhD
    Mentored Investigator Grant
    Mechanism of PARP Inhibitor in Ovarian Cancer Therapy Cancer

2005 Grant Recipients

  • Xiaochun Yu, MD, PhD
    Individual Investigator Award
    How Hereditary and Non-Hereditary Cancer May Have Something in Common

2004 Grant Recipients

  • Ronald Buckanovich, MD, PhD
    Early Career Investigator Grant
    Identification and Validation of Clinically Relevant Targets in Ovarian Tumore Vasculature

2001 Grant Recipients

  • Rebecca Liu, MD
    Early Career Investigator Grant
    Dysfunctional Apoptosome Activation in Ovarian Cancer: Implications for Pathogenesis, Prognosis, and Chemoresistance