Institution: Yale University

2014 Grant Recipients

  • Ryan B. Jensen, PhD
    Early Career Investigator Grant
    A Cellular Switch to Modulate BRCA2-mediated Tumor Progression
  • Yang Yang, PhD
    Mentored Investigator Grant
    P53 Aggregation: a New Target to Combat Ovarian Cancer Platinum-Resistance

2006 Grant Recipients

  • Aliza Leiser, MD
    Mentored Investigator Grant
    Clinical Implications of the TLR-4MYD88 Pathway in EOC

2005 Grant Recipients

  • Jason Wilken, PhD
    Mentored Investigator Grant
    Making an Antibody Treatment for Breast Cancer Work for Ovarian Cancer

1999 Grant Recipients

  • Setsuko Chambers, MD
    Individual Investigator Award
    Androgens and the Emergence of the Ovarian Cancer Phenotype

1998 Grant Recipients