Action Alert: Oral Chemotherapy Parity

Join us in asking Congress to pass oral chemotherapy parity legislation today. This legislation will ensure that patients have access to the best chemotherapy drugs available, including many personalized therapies. Send an Action Alert to your Members of Congress Today!

Why do we need this action now?

The last decade has seen an explosion in the number of new chemotherapy drugs, which include many personalized therapies. Unfortunately, insurance coverage of drugs has not kept pace with this innovation.

Traditionally, IV and injected drugs were the primary methods of chemotherapy delivery. These drugs are covered under a health insurance plan’s medical benefit, where patients are typically only required to pay a small office visit co-pay.

Today, oral chemotherapy drugs are available for many types of cancer, including ovarian cancer. However, these drugs are covered under insurance plans’ prescription drug benefit. As a result, many of these drugs may come with an extremely high and unmanageable copay.

The Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act would fix this problem by requiring that any health insurance plan that has a chemotherapy treatment benefit must provide coverage for oral medication at a cost no less favorable than IV or injected drugs.

Add your voice with OCRFA to tell Congress that we want Oral Chemo Parity!

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