Inspired Advice: What is the Most Helpful Advice You Were Given While Going Through Treatment?

Those who have faced an ovarian or gynecologic cancer diagnosis have so much to offer to others going through a similar experience – be it support, tips or friendship. Inspired Advice is a blog series that tackles specific topics – from intimacy post-diagnosis to tips for staying positive – and shares advice and reflections from our OCRA Inspire Online Community. They are, in many ways, the experts.*

Let your body lead you

  • “Listen to your body… don’t overdo it.”
  • “Rest when you need. Eat healthy and get plenty of sleep.”
  • “To be kind to myself, listen to my body and don’t try to do everything I thought I ‘should’ do.”
  • “To listen to my body and rest, rest, rest.”

Manage side effects with meds

  • “Stay ahead of the nausea. Take the [anti-nausea medication] at first sign. As a result, I’ve completely avoided nausea and acid reflux. And I have an excellent appetite.”
  • “Take an antihistamine for joint pain after a white blood cell booster, take a laxative for constipation for a few days following chemo treatments, rest when you feel like it and take care of YOU!” 
  • “The nurse held up a big sign that read, ‘Laxatives are your friend.’ It was important information presented in a fun way and I loved it.”
  • “Consider an anti-anxiety drug.”

Keep active (and hydrated!) 

  • “Stay as hydrated as possible and try to stay as active as possible.”
  • “Drink a lot of fluids (64 ounces a day) and try to move around — go for short walks.”
  • “Stay as active as you can.”
  • “Drink lots and lots of water.”

Take it day by day… and hold on to hope

  • “Take one step at a time.”
  • “Stay positive. Exercise.”
  • “The most helpful thing was what I did. I kept counting down with each treatment: so many down and so many to go. A cousin, a friend and I had celebration lunches when I was feeling well enough after each treatment.”
  • “One day at a time.”
  • “It works!”

More tips about treatment

Remember, it’s important that all treatment decisions be made in consultation with a medical professional. Find additional information about available treatment options — and helpful questions to ask your doctor — in our Treatment section.

OCRA’s ovarian cancer online support community through offers a safe and private place to share encouraging feedback, compassionate support, and honest personal experiences.  There are members from across the world who share their questions, concerns, successes and struggles with honesty and courage. Learn more or join our online Ovarian Cancer Inspire community.

* Sharing ideas and experiences can be extremely helpful but, as always, we advise speaking with your physician before making any dietary changes or adding herbs, teas, vitamins or supplements to your routine.

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