Ask the Experts | What Holds Promise in Ovarian Cancer Research?

OCRA’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is comprised of doctors and researchers who are well-known and well-respected experts in the field of gynecologic oncology. They review the proposals we receive for research funding – hundreds of letters of intent and grant applications from investigators all around the world who are determined and dedicated to finding a cure for ovarian cancer.

We posed the following question to our Scientific Advisory Committee, and below are their responses:

What do you feel holds great promise in the field of ovarian cancer research and treatment?

“We have made great progress in understanding the molecular biology of ovarian cancer. Continuing efforts to understand it – and the tumor microenvironment – will allow us the opportunity to identify new and more effective ways to prevent and treat this disease.”

“Understanding mechanisms of adaptive resistance to anti-angiogenic therapies, PARP inhibitors, etc., with a view toward new combinations.”

“Ultimately, some sort of immune solution, because we need something that provides long-lasting immunosurveillance to alert when a recurrence is starting. However, that’s a long way off. Currently, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have the most interesting short-term potential.”

“Individualizing treatments based on tumor alterations and aligning with a more targeted treatment pathway at the time of diagnosis. The ability to determine germline and somatic mutations in BRCA and other BRCA-like genes can determine the best use of treatment strategies from the beginning.”

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