Carcinosarcoma | Renee’s #RareAware Story


Renee lives in Cadillac, and was diagnosed with carcinosarcoma.

What has been your frustration in having a rare form of ovarian cancer?

I became frustrated when I was not given much information from my gynecologic oncology team about my cancer. I had to resort to the internet to learn about it. Although my rare type of cancer has poor survival rates and high percentage of recurrence, I remain positive and place my hope in God.

Where have you found community?

I have found community from my family, friends and church community. They have been so wonderfully supportive and have helped me to stay positive and placing my hope in God to bring me through my cancer.

How do you feel both a part of and apart from the greater ovarian cancer community?

I feel unfortunate that I had to have one of the rare ovarian cancers especially once I learned more about my type of cancer and the poor potential outcome.

What gives you hope?

My faith in God completely gives me hope that I will survive the first five years in spite of the 28% percentage survival rate. I wear an ovarian awareness bracelet which I had engraved with “God + Prayers = 28%”. I feel very strongly that I WILL be in the 28%!

What do you want to shout from the rooftops?

God, prayers and my medical team have brought me to remission. My maintenance treatment thus far has kept me there!

#RareAware is shining a spotlight on the thousands of patients across the United States who are living with a rare form of ovarian cancer — raising awareness, offering resources and information, and building community for those who may feel both a part *of* and apart *from* the larger conversation about ovarian cancer. Learn more about #RareAware and share your story.

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