Cediranib and its Effect on Quality of Life

(April 26, 2017) A study recently published in Cancer evaluates the effect that cediranib, a drugs that stops the growth of new blood vessels, has on a patient’s quality of life (QOL) when used as maintenance therapy. Previous studies have shown that, for patients with relapsed epithelial ovarian cancer, cediranib used as maintenance therapy can improve survival outcomes.

This most recent study expanded on the effects of cediranib and asked 456 women to assess their quality of life using a questionnaire after being divided into three groups: standard chemotherapy, chemotherapy with cediranib, or chemotherapy with cediranib that was continued as maintenance therapy. After one year, there was a statistically significant difference in QOL after adjusting for the fact that the two cediranib groups experienced more diarrhea. Researchers concluded by saying that, once diarrhea is controlled, maintenance therapy with cediranib over chemotherapy alone is a valuable therapy for relapsed epithelial ovarian cancer patients.

You can read more about it in Cancer Network.

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