Clinical Trial Highlight: Long-Term Survivor Study

Official Trial Name:  The Genomic, Epigenomic, and Psychosocial Characteristics of Long-Term Survivors of Ovarian Cancer – Recruitment. Some advanced-stage ovarian cancer patients are long-term survivors of stages III and IV serum ovarian cancer. These patients may provide the key to long-term survival and bring hope to all women with Stages III and IV ovarian cancer. There is no meaningful explanation of why some patients with ovarian cancer become long-term survivors and what their quality of life is long after their initial diagnosis. This research project will specifically determine molecular features within tumors along with genetic, quality of life, and lifestyle features that predict for long-term survival for patients with Stages III and IV ovarian cancer. It will bring together sophisticated molecular techniques, researchers with longstanding interest, a wide spectrum of consumer advocates (a number being long-term survivors), and quality of life experts to analyze the most carefully maintained patient database in the world—the Gynecologic Oncology Group database.

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