Giving Tuesday is #GiveHopeTuesday

Personal stories have power. And simply by sharing your story on social media, you can raise important funds to support OCRA’s fight against ovarian cancer.

All you have to do is post on social media on Tuesday, November 29th describing what a donation to OCRA means to you. It’s that simple!

An angel donor will give $50, up to $25,000, for every post shared on Giving Tuesday that uses the hashtag #GiveHopeTuesday and includes the link In other words, you’re raising critical funds for the ovarian cancer community without even opening your wallet.

But more than that, you’re helping to spread awareness of the disease, and the importance of investing in research that will save lives. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving powered by social media. Join us by sharing your words.

#GiveHope Tuesday,, text bubbles that read We need Hope, We need You, Please give Today

You can use your own photo or share the above graphic (right click to download), and answer one of these prompts: 

  • ____ gives me hope because …
  • I support OCRA because …
  • The ovarian cancer community needs you because …

Don’t forget to add #GiveHopeTuesday and Donate today at!

three social media post screenshots with happy people and #givehopetuesday messages of support for an ovarian cancer cure

If you’re not on social media, you can still support this effort with a donation.

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