Granulosa Cell Tumor | Christine’s #RareAware Story

Christine lives in Atlanta, GA, and was diagnosed with a granulosa cell tumor.

What has been your frustration in having a rare form of ovarian cancer?

OB who first found the mass thought it was benign and didn’t run bloodwork that would have caught the GCT tumor prior to surgery, during which she cut the tumor in half. Also frustrating that there aren’t any separate protocols or official treatment plans beside epithelial ovarian cancer’s. It’s also hard to find doctors with experience with GCT.

Where have you found community?


How do you feel both a part of and apart from the greater ovarian cancer community?

A part of because at least there’s a Facebook group of GCT patients and there’s a breakout meeting where there’s a small discussion during National Conference. Separate because treatment is so different.

What gives you hope?

Hoping for a miracle that I won’t ever recur.

What do you want to shout from the rooftops?

I get so tired of all the pink breast cancer stuff with so little attention, research, and awareness of ovarian cancer and other gynecologic cancers!! Pink AND Teal!!

#RareAware is shining a spotlight on the thousands of patients across the United States who are living with a rare form of ovarian cancer — raising awareness, offering resources and information, and building community for those who may feel both a part *of* and apart *from* the larger conversation about ovarian cancer. Learn more about #RareAware and share your story.

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