Inspired Advice: What Helps You Stay Positive?

Those who have faced an ovarian or gynecologic cancer diagnosis have so much to offer to others going through a similar experience – be it support, tips or friendship. Inspired Advice is a blog series that tackles specific topics – from managing treatment-related nausea to intimacy post-diagnosis – and shares advice and reflections from our OCRA Inspire Online Community. They are, in many ways, the experts.*

Looking to family and friends…

  • “My granddaughter!”
  • “My children/grandchildren. I want to be here to see what their futures hold.”
  • “My husband who quit his job to take care of me.”
  • “My younger brother, my cousin and friends who check in on me frequently. And that my hair is growing back.”

And, looking inward

  • “What you tell yourself. You can look at the thorns or you can look at the rose. It’s so much better to look at the rose. In the beginning, I told myself I have been lucky all my life and I believed I would continue to be lucky.”
  • “Gratitude journal—write one thing every day I am grateful for.”
  • “My trust in God.”
  • “I know that when it is my time, I will be called. I should do my best to have the best life while I can.”
  • “It’s easy to stay positive. I don’t want to be dead so whatever it takes to stay alive, bring it on! I’m not giving up and I’m not giving in.”

Staying active and giving back

  • “As a nine-year survivor (even though in treatment a great deal of that time), being able to help someone else starting a cancer journey helps reinforce my belief that there is a reason I am still here.”
  • “Doing what I love to do and surrounding myself with positive people.”
  • “Riding my motorcycle. Seriously, living life with a purpose … giving back to the ovarian cancer community whenever I can.”
  • “Talking to people who are good listeners, exercise, meditation, being with family, getting outside.”
  • “Thinking of how to help other people.”

Everyone is different…find what works for you!

From seeking support through community to finding fortitude through inner reflection, methods for maintaining positivity are unique to each person. We encourage you to find what works best for you. And please remember, we are here for you. We offer additional information about support in our Patient Resources section.

OCRA’s ovarian cancer online support community through offers a safe and private place to share encouraging feedback, compassionate support, and honest personal experiences.  There are members from across the world who share their questions, concerns, successes and struggles with honesty and courage. Learn more or join our online Ovarian Cancer Inspire community.

* Sharing ideas and experiences can be extremely helpful but, as always, we advise speaking with your physician before making any dietary changes or adding herbs, teas, vitamins or supplements to your routine.

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