Intraperitoneal Chemo Associated with Long-Term Survival Advantage

(March 27, 2015) According to research published this week in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, intraperitoneal (IP) chemotherapy is associated with a long-term survival advantage in ovarian cancer.  The advantage of IP over intravenous chemotherapy extends beyond 10 years, and IP therapy enhanced survival of those with gross residual disease. Survival improved with increasing number of IP cycles.

Researchers analyzed the data of 876 patients, who were followed for over ten years.   Results showed that median survival with IP therapy was 61.8 months, compared with 51.4 months for intravenous therapy. IP therapy was associated with a 23% decreased risk of death. IP therapy improved survival of those with gross residual (≤ 1 cm) disease.  Risk of death decreased by 12% for each cycle of IP chemotherapy completed. Factors associated with poorer survival included: clear/mucinous versus serous histology, gross residual versus no visible disease, and fewer versus more cycles of IP chemotherapy.  Younger patients were more likely to complete the IP regimen, with a 5% decrease in probability of completion with each year of age.

Read the abstract here.

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