Isolating Without Feeling Alone: Coping Mechanisms & COVID-19

“As we go through these hard, emotional times and social isolation, we have to support each other and create other means of keeping our spirits up.”
– Yvette, Woman to Woman mentor

Even in less stressful times, managing a gynecologic cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience. For many, it can feel like stepping into an altered reality, filled with new questions, unfamiliar language, and intense emotions.

It’s not uncommon for those at any stage of gynecologic cancer, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, to feel feelings of isolation. But though it may not feel like it, there are people out there who can relate. That’s the driving force behind our Woman to Woman program – to create connections between those who are newly diagnosed, and those who have been through a gynecologic cancer diagnosis themselves, and can give support in a unique and profound way.

If you or someone you love are navigating a gynecologic cancer diagnosis right now and need to talk, we can help.

This video from OCRA’s oncology social worker, Tracy Moore, addresses some of the concerns that have been voiced within the ovarian and gynecologic cancer community, and offers some strategies for preserving our mental health while self-isolating:

You can also read messages of hope from our current mentors, who share thoughts about how to care for ourselves during this unprecedented time.

Looking for support? We have options to choose from, including:

Patient Support Line 212-268-1002

Call to speak with OCRA’s Patient Support team, for support, information, and navigating resources. If no one is available when you call, someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Woman to Woman Mentors

Connect with a trained peer mentor who knows what it’s like to navigate gynecologic cancer and wants to be there for someone newly diagnosed, facing recurrence, managing completion of therapy and off-treatment concerns, or  fears of living with ovarian cancer in the COVID-19 times. Request a mentor match.

Woman to Woman is generously supported in part by grants from Gail Baird Foundation and Genentech.

Ovarian Cancer Online Community

Join our online Inspire community for information, support, encouragement, and camaraderie. 

“Staying Connected” Online Support Group

Participate in a video chat for gynecologic cancer patients, survivors and caregivers in weekly or monthly online meetups. The group will be a great opportunity to meet with new friends and talk about what’s on our minds. It will be limited capacity, so please sign up early. Sponsorship support provided by Clovis Oncology, Inc.

As always, our door is open to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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