More Evidence that IVF Does Not Increase Gyn Cancer Risk

New research published in Human Reproduction Update provides additional evidence that in vitro fertilization (IVF) does not increase women’s risk for ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancer.

Researchers have wondered if fertility treatments like IVF, which require the use of ovulation-stimulating drugs and the puncturing of the ovaries to retrieve eggs, increased women’s risk of gynecologic cancers.  Some studies had found an association between these treatment and increased risk, while others did not.

In a meta-analysis of available research on the association between IVF and gynecologic cancer risk, which represents data from 109,969 women, researchers found that “IVF does not seem to be associated with elevated cervical cancer risk, nor with ovarian or endometrial cancer when the confounding effect of infertility was neutralized in studies allowing such comparisons.”

Click here to read the abstract.

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