New Cancer Insurance Checklist Helps Patients Choose a Health Insurance Plan

Many Americans will begin shopping for health insurance on October 1 through the new insurance marketplaces. As a cancer patient, you have unique health care needs that you may want to consider. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance has partnered with 18 patient advocacy organizations to launch a new tool that will help you pick the best insurance plan specific to your cancer related health care needs.

The Cancer Insurance Checklist is an easily downloadable form that helps you to organize all of your health care needs from prescriptions to doctor’s visits, compare health insurance plans in your state’s marketplace and offers guidance on the questions you should ask when deciding between different insurance plans. It provides a worksheet to help you detail all the costs associated with each plan and was designed to be used while evaluating plans and discussing your needs with a navigator or health care provider. The Checklist was created with cancer patients’ needs in mind to ensure all bases are covered when comparing health insurance plans. You can find more information and download the checklist at

At the Alliance, we believe everyone has the right to affordable, accessible health care. We work with lawmakers to ensure that the needs of ovarian cancer patients are met in the changing health care landscape. And we work with our community to ensure you have up-to-date information. Please visit http://localhost/cancer/health-insurance/ to answer your questions about the Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance Marketplaces and other health care related issues.

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