New Direction for Research: Microbiota

(August 20, 2019) A new direction for research in ovarian cancer was brought to light last month thanks to a study published in Lancet Oncology. Researchers led by Dr. Nuno R. Nené of the University College London are investigating the role of microbiota in an individual’s risk of developing cancer.

“The application of vaginal suppositories containing a combination of live lactobacilli and oestriol [normalizes] the vaginal microbiota.”  The investigators wrote, “Establishing whether a continuous community type L cervicovaginal microbiome could reduce the risk of ovarian cancer should be a priority for further studies in this area.”

The authors noted that these findings need to be validated, and provide an interesting new direction to explore the question of ovarian cancer cancer development. More information can be found in the Lancet Oncology and Cancer Network.

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