New Study Shows No Association between Powder Use and Ovarian Cancer

(September 12, 2014) A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute this month suggests that use of perineal powder does not influence ovarian cancer risk.

In the past, some studies have suggested that there is an increased risk of ovarian cancer among talc users.  In this new and large prospective study, researchers followed over 61,000 women for an average of 12 years to assess perineal powder use (defined in this case as powder applied to genitals, sanitary napkins, or diaphragms) and risk of ovarian cancer.

Results showed that having used perineal powder was not associated with a risk of ovarian cancer compared to never having used it.  Use of powder on the genitals, on sanitary napkins or diaphragms was not associated with risk of ovarian cancer compared with no use.  There were no associations with increasing durations of use of powder.

Click here to read the abstract.

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