OCRA’s 2024 Grantees: Collaborative Studies & AI

OCRA’s four Collaborative Research Development Grants, including a partnership grant through Microsoft AI for Health, are multi-investigator studies set to tackle the most pressing issues in research, treatment and care.

“In an all-around stellar crop of new OCRA-funded research for 2024, our collaborative studies hold particular promise,” says Audra Moran, OCRA’s President & CEO. 

“By working together and harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology like AI, we’re breaking barriers and forging new paths in gynecologic cancer research.” 

Dr. Alberto Ciccia, Columbia University

Seeking to understand how DNA differences affect response to treatment, aiming to find predictive markers that can determine which patients may respond best to specific therapies. 

Dr. Bethany Hannafon, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Working on a new therapy to target drug-resistant cancer cells, with the goal of preventing recurrence and improving survival rates through more effective treatment. 

Dr. Selvendiran Karuppaiyah, The Ohio State University

Investigating a protein found in the most common and lethal ovarian cancer subtype in order to develop early detection methods and targeted therapies.

Dr. Nidhi Sahni, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Harnessing AI to predict personalized therapies for ovarian cancer patients, potentially revolutionizing treatment strategies and improving patient outcomes.

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