OCRA-Funded Research Elucidates New Immunotherapy Approach

(September 19, 2019) While harnessing the immune system has resulted in strong responses for a subset of cancer patients, the majority of patients have remained unresponsive to this approach. In order to enable ovarian cancer patients to benefit from immunotherapy, Dr. Michael Goldberg’s research sought to understand how standard-of-care chemotherapy influences immune cells around the tumor.

Through this work, which is published in the Journal of Immunotherapy of Cancer (07/30/19), Dr. Goldberg and his team were able to define a combination therapy that delays tumor growth significantly. The data from this study will hopefully inform the design of a clinical trial with the intent of improving the frequency and magnitude of ovarian cancer patient responses to immunotherapy.

For more information, you may read the article in the Journal of Immunotherapy of Cancer, which is available through Open Access.

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