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Many brides count their wedding day as one of the most momentous occasions in their life. And now they have a way to make this milestone even more meaningful long after they have exchanged vows – all thanks to a team of OCRA Heroes who have raised funds for Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance by reselling wedding dresses.

“With ovarian cancer being the fifth leading cancer death among women in the US, we hope our support of OCRA will help in the fight and prevention of ovarian cancer as well as those directly affected by the disease,” said Erin Scharf, founder of Brides for a Cause. She and her team collect and resell wedding dresses donated by not only brides, but also designers and manufacturers from across the nation. Started by Erin in 2012, the organization began with one boutique in Portland, Oregon, and has since expanded to encompass four additional shops: two in Washington and two in California (updated as of June 2024).

Supporting ovarian cancer research is a natural fit for Brides for a Cause, as the nonprofit concentrates on charities that help women. “Funds are pooled within our organization and dispersed to a variety of women’s causes throughout the year,” said Erin, explaining that health-centered charities are one area of focus, particularly those that target the leading causes of death in women.

“Ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynecologic cancer for women,” noted Erin. “Investing in ovarian cancer research and education has the potential to reduce this statistic and prevent future diagnoses.” The Brides for a Cause team is committed to making an impact, having donated $10,000 to OCRA in 2022 and another $10,000 this year. “We hope our annual donation will help further the scientific research of ovarian cancer.”

Visit Brides for a Cause to learn more about donating a wedding dress (5 years or newer) to the organization. Interested in gifting proceeds from your own business to Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance or have another fundraising idea? The OCRA team is here to help you!

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