Springing into Action: Heroes Highlights

With spring finally upon us, we want to give a shout-out to a group of OCRA Heroes who welcomed the season by setting themselves into motion, both literally and figuratively, to raise awareness and funds for our shared cause. Movement was the main theme for all of these supporters, who helped keep the momentum going for our mission via separate fundraisers in Oregon, Ohio and New Hampshire that involved a running challenge, a dance party, and a half-marathon, respectively. Read on to find out more about these OCRA Heroes and how some very incredible women inspired them to contribute to the ovarian cancer community.

Shaun Matza and Marcus Madiman

Shaun Matza and Marcus Madigan

Portland, OR

Event: David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge 

The thought of running 48 miles in 48 hours may seem near impossible to most. But Shaun Matza and Marcus Madiman had a powerful motivator pushing them forward during this daunting challenge conceived by ultramarathoner and retired Navy SEAL David Goggins. They participated as a way to pay tribute to Shaun’s mother, Elizabeth “Beth” Ruth Matza, who died from ovarian cancer on December 16, 2002.

“After almost two decades since my mother’s passing, I wanted to do something to honor her memory,” Shaun says. “The accountability to her and this fundraiser has been the motivational driver to hit the pavement and put in the miles for preparation.”

Shaun and Marcus successfully completed the running challenge, which took place from March 4 – 6, and also significantly surpassed their fundraising goal. It was an intense two days for the pair, but Shaun’s perspective on it is shaped by having seen what his mother endured. “It feels only fitting that we push ourselves to the limit in an effort to support the fight against cancer.” 

Matt Dorow

Matt Door with Mary Lynn Door

Centerville, OH

Event: Kicking Cancer One Dance at a Time

Dancing may not be the first thing that comes to mind in connection with an ovarian cancer diagnosis. But a party seems to be the perfect fundraiser to honor Mary Lynn Dorow, who has maintained an uplifting presence despite facing multiple recurrences since being diagnosed with Stage IIIB ovarian cancer on November 25, 2015.

She has never lost her positive attitude and outlook on life and felt using her story to raise money and awareness was something that needed to be done,” says Matt Dorow, who was inspired by his mother to fundraise for OCRA. The Kicking Cancer One Dance at a Time event, which was held on March 12 in Dayton, Ohio, featured live music and drew a sizeable crowd of five hundred. “We are so happy we had 500 people attend the event and could not thank everyone enough for the kind support,” says Matt. 

Beyond the party, Matt hopes his mother’s experience with ovarian cancer empowers others navigating a diagnosis of their own. “People who are diagnosed with cancer need to hear about stories like my mom to give them the hope and outlook they need to overcome such a tough disease.”

Teddy Trosset, Kate Trosset, Lindsey Trosset

Runners at Rally for Sally ovarian cancer event

Cooperstown, NY, and Boston, MA

Event: Rally for Sally

Before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer about a year and a half ago, Sally Trosset was an avid runner who was drawn to the sport for its myriad benefits to her physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. After her diagnosis, Sally’s children took up the torch, so to speak, by choosing to participate in their mother’s favorite hobby as a way to raise awareness about the disease and support for research. 

Group posing at Rally for Sally ovarian cancer event

Siblings Teddy, Kate and Lindsey Trosset grew up together in Cooperstown, NY. But recent university graduate Teddy now lives in Boston, while his sisters are both currently in college in other states. However, the siblings found time to come together to fundraise in honor of their mother, traveling to Manchester, NH, to participate in the Citizens Shamrock Half-Marathon on March 26. Not only did they finish the race, but they also far exceeded their initial fundraising goal. 

“We chose to run a half-marathon to continue our mom’s love for running and to raise money for ovarian cancer [research],” say the siblings. “We run for our mom and the [thousands of] other women diagnosed every year!” 

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