OCRF’s Super Saturday Behind the Scenes: An Inside Look

OCRF’s Super Saturday NY, now heading into its 18th year, has long been the summertime event in the Hamptons. And on May 16th, guests on the West Coast will enjoy an unforgettable day of deep discounts, luxury experiences, and activities for the whole family, as OCRF’s Super Saturday LA returns for the second year to Santa Monica’s historic Barker Hangar. Last year, these two incredible days of shopping, celeb-spotting, and ovarian cancer awareness raised over $4 million for much-needed research.

It takes a dedicated team to create a star-studded charity event, and we recently went behind the scenes with Justin Swisher of MKG, OCRF’s Super Saturday marketing and event production agency, to find out how it all comes together.

OCRF: How long have you been involved in OCRF’s Super Saturday event planning?

Justin Swisher: I have been involved in the event for 9 years. I started as a graphic design intern and served in many different capacities throughout the years, from Sponsor Coordinator to Lead Producer.

SuperSaturdayJustinWhat is involved in the behind-the-scenes making of Super Saturday, from design and sponsor coordination to on-site setup? What are some of the numbers? 

The Super Saturday production team is comprised of about 20 key roles that oversee the event. We start working on the event and building the team about 6 months out with detailed timelines and clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure everything runs smoothly leading up to and on-site at the event.

145 Staffers
250 Volunteers
25 Trucks
50 Tents
430 Tables

Super Saturday takes place rain or shine. What challenges have you faced? 

Producing an event in an open field will always be challenging, especially when it comes to bringing in all tenting, water, power and Wi-Fi. We create detailed rain contingency plans and make sure we account for any inclement weather, but it has already rained a few times in its 17 years. We also have a high-tech weather tracking software that is used to get the most up-to-date information.

SuperSaturdayBehindtheScenes1After so much hard work, do you get to enjoy the shopping? The food?

There are a few relationships that I have made with some of the garage sale vendors over the years. Some of them have jumped from one fashion brand to another, and still make sure it’s represented at Super Saturday. Usually I say “hi” and buy something if I have time. I’m always bad about eating at events but I do try to stop by the dessert display to grab something quick.

MKG will be managing OCRF’S Super Saturday LA this year on May 16th. What can you tell us about how it will be the same and how it will differ from Super Saturday New York?

MKG West, our LA experiential event team, is managing Super Saturday LA this year. Both the Hamptons and LA event generally have the same framework, with amazing sponsor activations and a large designer garage sale, but each event has it’s own look and feel. The Hamptons event has a light, breezy, vibe and takes place in a tented field. The LA event has an industrial chic feel, because it is held in a large airplane hangar.

Is there anything about Super Saturday that makes it unique and special? 

MKG manages so many events throughout the year, but Super Saturday is one of our favorites! We’re not just saying that…our whole team loves escaping the city and heading out to the Hamptons for a week. The atmosphere is much more laid back and we are really able to enjoy our work and coworkers’ company. But when you get down to it, the best part about the event is that we’re helping to raise money for ovarian cancer research to one day find a cure! I feel that our whole team enjoys our work but we become more passionate knowing that it’s for a good cause.

About MKG

Founded in 2003, MKG is a highly creative, experiential marketing agency working with some of the world’s biggest brands including Delta Air Lines, Audi, Heineken, and NBCUniversal. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, our team is a group of creative trailblazers that has been recognized with multiple industry awards, making MKG a leader in unique and memorable brand experiences.

For more information on MKG including client work, team info and job openings, check out their website at: http://www.thisismkg.com

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