Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Toolkit

Spread the word. Make a difference.

Ready to help this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month? You can share critical information on risk and symptoms by downloading the graphics below (right-click and save to your computer), firing up your social media accounts, and sharing widely!

If you haven’t taken our educational quiz — or you need a refresher — test your own knowledge, and then post the quiz for your friends, family and community to learn important facts about ovarian cancer.

Or, you can follow @OCRAHOPE on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and share or retweet our posts about symptoms and risk factors to spread the word! 

Facebook and Instagram Graphics

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Here’s a question, friends! Do you know enough about ovarian cancer? You should! This quiz takes just five minutes to complete, and you’ll learn information that could potentially save a life — yours or someone else’s: https://bit.ly/3R5um2a

It’s #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth. There is no early detection or screening for this awful disease, but knowing your risk can make a big difference. Do one good thing for yourself today, and learn more about disease that affects every 1 out of every 78 women: https://bit.ly/3R5um2a

Suggested hashtags: #letstalk #ovariancancer #ocam #ocrahope

Instagram Pro tip: Links aren’t clickable in Instagram. Add https://bit.ly/3R5um2a to your Instagram profile bio, or to your #linkinbio, and tell your Instagram followers to visit your profile for more info!

Twitter Graphics

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#LetsTalk! Do you know your risk for #ovariancancer? You should! Take this short quiz and get informed: https://bit.ly/3R5um2a
Share this with 5 friends to help save lives!

It’s #OvarianCancer Awareness Month. Do one good thing for yourself today — learn more about this devastating disease with this quick quiz: https://bit.ly/3R5um2a

Suggested hashtags: #letstalk #ovariancancer #ocam #ocrahope

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