Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Announces New Research Grant Recipients

Today, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) announced its most recent research grant recipients.  Grants were awarded in three different categories: the Program Project Development Grant, the Liz Tilberis Award, and the Ovarian Cancer Research Training Program of Excellence.  The grants, awarded to seventeen researchers at twelve research institutions, totaled over 5 million dollars.

OCRF focuses its efforts through three funding programs.  The Program Project Development Award provides a three-year grant to groups of investigators whose collaboration will facilitate more rapid scientific advances.  OCRF’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) awarded three new Program Project Development Grants this year, and renewed funding for three grants in 2009.  The Liz Tilberis Scholars Program allows post-doctoral and post-fellowship researchers to devote three years to cutting-edge ovarian cancer research.  Three new investigators were funded through the Liz Tilberis program this year, and three past investigators had their funding renewed.  Finally, OCRF’s Training Program of Excellence encourages research careers by enabling talented post-doctoral students to study with a mentor in the field.  The SAC awarded five Program of Excellence grants this year.

Since 1998, OCRF has awarded over $33 million in grants to 138 of the brightest researchers in the field, at 44 leading medical centers across the country, in hopes of finding better ways to detect, treat, and ultimately cure ovarian cancer.



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