Partner Member Profile: Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati

The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (OCAGC) became a Partner Member of the Alliance in October 2010. “It’s been a very positive partnership,” says Martha Farr, an ovarian cancer survivor and co-chair of OCAGC’s Board of Trustees. The group started almost a decade ago, hosting an annual walk to raise awareness. Eventually, the volunteers running the group decided to partner with the Alliance so that they could support programs for cancer patients in Cincinnati. “They liked being partnered with a national organization that supported them keeping the money locally,” says Martha.

The OCAGC is entirely volunteer-run, and works to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and support survivors in the Cincinnati area. The group partners with a local chapter of the Cancer Support Community to fund a gynecologic cancer support group, as well as funding programs such as yoga classes for all cancer survivors in the community.

One key event for OCAGC is the annual walk in September. “That’s when we get in the newspapers and on television,” says Martha. In addition to raising awareness of ovarian cancer in Cincinnati, the event brings in funds to support cancer research and other local programs for survivors.

In the last few years the OCAGC has also started hosting the Teal Shoot Out each winter. Working with local high schools and colleges, they host a series of ovarian cancer awareness events at basketball games. “We hand out ovarian cancer symptom cards and raise money to support our group,” says Martha.

As well as raising awareness in the community, the OCAGC works to support women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. One program offers comfort baskets filled with information and resources to newly diagnosed women. The group connects with newly diagnosed women through the OCAGC website and through outreach at local hospitals. “We try to have a survivor deliver the basket,” says Martha, “So the newly diagnosed woman has a chance to connect with someone else who has ovarian cancer.”

The OCAGC also hosts survivor socials once a month. “It’s important to get survivors together as much as possible to support one another,” says Martha. The socials are low-key, easy ways to get together. Past events have included free makeup presentations and paint your own pottery.

With nearly ten years of experience, the OCAGC continues to grow and to reach more Cincinnati residents with messages about ovarian cancer.

Click here to visit the OCAGC website.

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