RedCannon Security, Inc. and Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) launch “Support Ovarian Cancer Research, Prevent Application Downtime” 90-day fundraiser campaign!!

FREMONT, CA AND NEW YORK, NY – May 8, 2012 – RedCannon Security, Inc. announced today that together with Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF), they are launching a limited time (90-day) fundraising campaign to help OCRF raise up to $500K for much-needed ovarian cancer research.

As part of the campaign, RedCannon will provide licenses of its Application Performance Monitoring and Downtime Prevention (ADP) solution, CloudSLA Express, to raise funds for OCRF. An enterprise customer interested in supporting this fundraising campaign within the given timeline, would be able to buy the CloudSLA Express license at a steep discount off the list price.

The CloudSLA Express license includes subscription for application & performance monitoring for up to 100 physical or virtual servers, 2-day on-site installation and deployment as well as 24×7 on-call support, maintenance, updates and upgrades for a one-year period.

All revenues collected minus the campaign expenses i.e., approximately 65% of the purchase price of each license, will go directly to OCRF to be utilized towards sustaining and enhancing their prestigious ovarian cancer scientific research grant programs.

“Having lost my mother to ovarian cancer within a year after detection, I have a first-hand experience of the deadliness of this disease and the need for better early detection tests, more targeted cure and potential drugs to improve quality-of-life for ovarian cancer patients,” said Vimal Vaidya, Founder & CEO of RedCannon. “Therefore, we are pleased to be part of this campaign to help OCRF raise more funds to sponsor additional ovarian cancer research grants and continue the existing ones.”

“Our CloudSLA solution is designed to help enterprise customers with their challenges in monitoring application performance and enforcing remedial actions in virtualization and cloud deployments,” continued Mr. Vaidya. “Since ovarian cancer is one of the top five causes of cancer deaths in women, with this campaign, not only will enterprise customers get one of the most innovative products at a steep discount, but also they will be helping to support a greater cause in funding some of the most innovative ovarian cancer research programs.”

“OCRF is so grateful to RedCannon for partnering with us to invest in tomorrow’s cure. With their support, and each new research grant we award, we are funding cutting-edge science, pushing its boundaries to improve screening methods, treatments and outcomes, bringing hope to the thousands of women facing ovarian cancer each year, and getting one step closer to eliminating this devastating disease,” says Audra Moran, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

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